Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Anniversary

Sunday Matt and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I use the term "celebrated" lightly... Matt worked 14 hours Saturday and 15 hours Sunday. I cooked dinner for all the guys Saturday and delivered it to the school where he was working. Sunday, i went to church with my sister. I figured it was better to go to church than sit home alone. Yet i still had plenty of time to sit home alone. Since Matt had to go back to Rock Hill today, i tried to get everything ready for him. I went shopping and packed his lunches and dinners for the week, along with snacks & quick breakfasts. I washed, dried, folded, and even organized his clothes- clothes to pack for work & clothes to keep in the closet. I got out the card i bought him and signed it... We'd planned on going to the Melting Pot but everything at the school he was at seemed to go wrong. People who were supposed to help never showed. So our plans got pushed back. Luckily we'd been thawing our anniversary cake for a couple of days. By the time he got home at 10pm, we had a good 10mins of trying to eat frozen cake and him opening his card. He was shocked that he didn't even think to give me a card, but how can i make him feel bad about it? he's been working SO hard lately, that i cant expect him to remember such things. After all, he did buy me platinum diamond earrings to match my wedding band ;o) So after we both ended up in tears over his card (hey, I'd been in tears a better part of the day, but what he doesn't know cant hurt him!), he took a shower and went to bed. Our 10 mins of anniversary time was great! Just not at all how i imagined it... But then again this past year hasn't gone anything like i imagined. Yet it's still been the best year of my life!

In other news, I'm afraid to admit my endometriosis is back. I started hurting while we were at the beach in the end of July. I just didn't think the pain would escalate this fast. I'm still holding on to hope that I'll get pregnant before i need to have surgery. I told Matt i might be able to hold out till October. I'm praying i can make it that long!I have to go back to the Dr in the next month or 2 anyway because my 6 months of Clomid are coming to an end. All i can do is trust God. I'm not always graceful about it, but i know HIS ways are higher than my ways. I leave you with a verse I've been holding on to this past week:

"You can make many plans, but the LORD's purpose will prevail." Prov. 19:21