Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Remember the wonder & excitment of Christmas when you were a kid? Waking up every morning with butterflies in your stomach because you knew you were one day closer to Christmas. Going through Toys R Us making a list of everything you want Santa to bring. Making sure your room was clean so your parents couldnt tell Santa you were bad. Checking the mailbox for Christmas cards and maybe a gift or two. As great as those times were, every year the warm fuzzy feeling seemed to shrink just a little.
And then I had Ella. The anticipation for Christmas has hit me more than it has in the past 10 years combined! One Christmas tradition I'm looking forward to the most- Christmas cards! Not just any Christmas card. This will be our first as a family of three! Dressing up a little girl in all things Christmas for a family photo, picking the right style for a photo card, making a mailing list, buying Christmas stamps... Just the thought makes my skirt fly up! I love browsing the styles & deciding which design matches the picture. Maybe it's a girl thing.
As soon as we get a decked out family picture (and as soon as I can convince my husband red tights are a good idea for a 6month old), I'm hoping to jump the gun & get our cards made through Shutterfly. I'm surprised how many cute religious cards they have to choose from.Then I get to sit back & wait for the influx of snail mail as we receive cards as well. I'm sure we'll get a few extra this year since the generous people at Shutterfly are giving away free cards this year! Maybe with the money we save on Christmas cards, we can get a calendar for the grandparents! Or maybe we can spring for white tights instead of red :o)