Tuesday, July 7, 2009

july 4th weekend (heavy w/pics)

*FYI- this post (before this addition) was exactly 1200 words...

Our weekend started Friday night hanging crown molding on the 1st floor. we brought the miter box & saw in the living room, laid the 1st piece down and looked at each other- laughing! we got in the car and went to Lowe's & came home with an electric miter saw. Once we got the thing to work, we carried out my genius idea angle the 8ft pieces at45 degrees so the seams would be, well, seamless. After we hung the corner & an 8ft piece on either side, we realized the 45's were NOT seamless, in fact the gaps were huge! So after we'd shot 20 nails in them, my dear husband pulled them back off the walls (telling me off for my idea in his head). after trying every angle imaginable, with the gaps getting worse, he had an epiphany- it wasn't the idea it was the molding! we measured and sure enough they were off! some were 1/4" shorter, give or take. GGRR! but after working all day Friday and it being about 10:30, i was just glad to know i wasn't crazy! :o) So we decided to straight cut all the pieces, butt them together, and spackle later. This idea worked much better (as long as the pieces lined up height-wise). we ended up getting the living room and kitchen hung before calling it a night.
We started the next morning (Saturday) as soon as we were both awake. We had reservations at the Melting Pot at 6:30 with Matt's parents, so we knew we'd be omitting lunch for the day. We continued into the hallway until the nail gun jammed. Matt plopped down on the couch w/ a butter knife and a flashlight. I took the time to watch the newest Superman movie (and getting a little entertainment from his frustration). After trying the butter knife, tweezers, a pocket knife i suggested a wire hanger. While trying to bend the wire hanger, Matt chose to let out his frustration on Superman! i think it went something like "that's why nobody likes superman, he's always having to get saved by other people! Spiderman is the same way! Always needing to get saved..." and while i was trying to hold in my snickering i lost it on the next bit. "You ain't never seen a Jedi needing to get saved!" hahaha While the wire hanger worked, Matt was bending out the last few nails. Out of the corner of my eye, i just saw a spring go flying out of the nail gun and hit the wall! and then, the sea of laughter came out of me! Matt might have went "semberger" on it and kicked a few things :o) He stomps upstairs (probably to avoid the laughter that has yet to stop) and starts checking prices for nail guns. Before i knew it, we were back in the car! Thank God someone was open on the 4th!

After our little road trip, we got back to the grind of hanging. After a glitch in the air compressor- Seriously, does it ever end?- we made it down the hall and to the dining room. After not eating for hours, Matt started getting shaky on the ladder. It didn't help the pieces kept going crooked and we kept pulling them off to rehang them. 20 mins of eyeballing the same piece, we decided to call it quits. we still needed to get ready for our date night!

Matt's parents met at our house and we all went to the Melting Pot- YUM! i LOVE that place! Ruth and John were beside themselves! they'd never been and were mesmerized all evening. Our reservation was for 6:30 and we ate till we couldn't eat anymore! By about 9, we were ready to head out for fireworks! We went to the Old Time Pottery parking lot but fireworks weren't until 11. We had 30 mins before Old Time Pottery closed, so we wandered around. Of course we got evil looks from the workers who were, no doubt, ready to get out of there. We left and moved our car up to the other end of the parking lot. Being the 1st out there, we set up camp where we pleased. We unfolded the chairs, whipped out the cooler (gotta love Ruth, always thinking ahead. she packed drinks lol) and just talked. It was great! My sister met us a little later with Lucy, who apparently just lost 2 toes. I told her we should call her Deuce Lucy! Anyway... Jess just fit right in with everyone. We talked for hours before the fireworks started. I even got to try out my new camera for the fireworks! Not too bad...

That night, Matt & I finally made it to bed about 1am he told me he wanted pancakes in the morning! haha Sunday morning we headed out to Cracker Barrel. We were exhausted! the soreness from all our hard work definitely had set in. We had our fill of pancakes and maybe a buckeye or 2 and enjoyed a little rocking chair action before we went to Costco for gas. While at the gas station, i made my pitch to go to the Prime outlets in Gaffney. I planned on going by myself Monday, but it was worth a shot! Apparently pancakes is all my man needs to be persuaded! And we were off! We made the trip down I-85 with Gap coupons in hand! It was a peaceful ride. Of course we talked about the serial killer on the loose in gaffney. I mean hey, it made national news and we were driving straight into the madness for shopping! haha We also discovered, at 1pm, that the outlets don't open on Sunday till1:30 so we got a little more relaxation in before the shopping spree. I scored some great stuff and Matt got a couple of things too. By the 45 min mark, Matt was handing me what he wanted to buy and finding a bench. He was spent! Since i was using my 1 day sale pass and still had no khaki shorts/pants/skirt (for the beach) i tried to talk Matt into stopping by Old Navy on the way home. Of course he sat in the car while i tried on a bunch of stuff that didn't work, but he had an odd grin on his face as i was coming out of Old Navy. He looked at me and said "The Proposal is playing in 15 mins, are we going?" Matt-yes-my husband- the predictable, plan it out, non-spontaneous man that i love left me speechless! He knew i wanted to see The Proposal but he'd conveniently not had time or been in the mood. We sat in the movies, eating our large popcorn for dinner, and i couldn't help but smile. We both thought our day would be full of back aches, saw dust, and safety goggles. But here i sat in the movies, no makeup, hadn't done my hair, we threw on clothes in 10 mins to go to cracker barrel and hadn't been home in 7 hrs. It really was the perfect day with my wonderful husband.

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